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raise your glass and toast.

to the glory of...

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the fic machine
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Welcome to the birthday community for poisontaster, aka PT, aka Erin, aka AWESOME!

Erin is... well, awesome pretty much sums it up. If you're here, you know what I mean! She is a brilliantly talented author who has brought Sam and Dean to life for so many of us, and above and beyond that she is a kind, generous, warmhearted, fabulous person who is just a fantastic friend and the best kind of BNF you could ask for. (Shush, Erin, you so totally are! *g* [Mona: HA HA, she said "BNF"! \o/]). This community was created to show her a bit of our appreciation and just how much we love her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIN! *sends massive hugs from everyone*

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